Top 3 Effective Ways to Make Choice in Choices Stories You Play

Choices the stories you play is quite a popular game these days, which is known for the role-playing game. It is developed by Pixelberry for iOS and Android devices. The huge popularity of this game, along with a range of basic features, put this simple game on the next level.

Anyone can try it out and become an advanced gamer in a couple of days. The best thing about the mobile title is, you make choices, and every choice takes you toward a new ending. Due to all these reasons, you can try out this game without any issue.

If you are playing this game for the first time, then it is worth knowing that there are two important currencies in this game. Diamond and Keys. No doubt that the key is the main currency, and diamond is the premium currency.

To progress and become a better gamer, below mentioned are three effective tips to help you out. Let’s Begin –

Learn the Basic

As this game is based around stories and progressing in them, so you need to learn how to start a story. In every story, you can find the home button. As you hit it, you will be able to open new stories and put an end to the existing story. In case you want to check out the same story, then you can do the same for sure. It is an effective and highly reliable method to consider. This will help you progress at a faster rate and make you an advanced gamer. When you are done with the basics, it will be easy to progress with ease.

Unlock New Chapters

It is very important that you keep focusing on the unlock of the new chapter because if you don’t do that, it will be a hard time to reach on a better level. You should start it by spending your keys on the unlock of a new chapter. It will save your time and help with earning a pretty good amount with ease. Each chapter unlocked will enhance the experience, and it will take you to the new level. It is not easy in the beginning, but you can find it simple if you keep on playing on a daily basis.

Earn a Genuine Amount

Earning a decent amount of diamond and key plays an important role. Botha is the virtual currencies of the game, and the diamond is the premium currency. You can get it only after completing a level. You earn keys with a timer in the game. As you go below two keys, the timer start running and provides you free keys. It is the only method of progression in this mobile title.


After following the above mentioned three tips, you can do pretty much everything in the game, but if you want to earn more resources or switch stories, then there is nothing to worry about. The key tip is, once you complete a story, you can’t unlock it again.

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