Tips for Choice Beginners – Learn the Basic to Reach on Apex


In the simulation and role-playing genre, several games are going well with their storyteller gameplay. In the same category, you can find the name of Choices: Stories You Play as one of the most popular games. Pixelberry is a well-known game development studio that is known for an advanced number of features. This game is unique and comes with a range of features which can make you prefer playing it over the other ones.

If you are trying out this game for the first time and don’t know that what are the major features to try this out and how to progress at a faster rate in this game, then let’s follow all the basic tips. Below mentioned are some effective and reliable ways to earn diamond and keys along with methods to progress at a faster rate.

1. Switching Stories

When you begin playing this game, you have the option of playing one out of three stories. Once you start a story, switching to any other story is not a straightforward option. Due to this, you might think about not playing the game because you might feel stuck. Well, there is a method to switch the story, and it is also very easy to prefer.

When you are in a story, press the home button of the game, and it will take you to the main screen. Here, you will exit the existing story, and you have the option to check out other stories. Keep it in mind that once a story is exited or completed, you can’t read that again, which is the major drawback of this game.

During the first play, you might be thinking that you need to complete the first story, and then you can go to two and three. Well, there is no order that you need to follow. You can prefer any of the orders and try it out, which is a simple and one of the effective options to go after without any issue.

2. Keys are Important

Key is the primary and most important currency because you can’t read chapters without the keys. You are stuck with the game because you can’t unlock a new one. Once you complete the chapter, you earn diamond, and these can be converted to keys, but don’t do that unless you feel a peak need. It is better to check out other options because they are also easy. Once you go below two keys, a timer starts, and it automatically provides you free coins after the timer ends. It isn’t is an easy and effective option.

3. Earning More Diamond

As told before, diamond is the primary and most important currency in this game. If you want to earn a big amount, then you can complete chapters. It is a very effective method to earn free diamond, and you can consider it. once you begin playing the game and keep on using keys to unlock a new level, you will earn free diamonds with ease. It is effective to earn more, and you can consider it without any issue. Make sure that you spend a genuine amount of time on the same.


The bonus tip for the gamer of Choice is, you can play a level once, and after that, you can’t read the same chapter. Due to this, you should pay a little attention to the same. It is important that you keep focusing on the earning of virtual currencies to avoid getting into any issue. If you are a newbie, then you must spend a little time on earning the enough and then you are good to go with ease. Hope, this guide will ease up the work for you.

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