How to Reach on Apex of Choices Stories You Play?

Pixelberry is a popular game developer known for the success of Choices: Stories You Play. It is a Simulation game where you need to make choices to progress toward getting better. Providing intense tine to this game won’t make you end it soon because this game has very long stories, and if you want to complete them, then you need diamonds and keys.

In case you can’t progress, then learning about some easy methods and genuine tips to earn enough amount can come in handy as there aren’t many things in this game, so you need to take advantage of all the limited options offered in this game. As for now, you can check out the below-mentioned tips which will come in handy.

Tips to Earn Diamonds and Keys

Diamond is the primary currency of this game, and it is required in making choices. Key is the premium currency, and it is very hard to earn. It is required to open new chapters and progressing in them. The below mentioned are easy methods to earn diamonds and keys with ease –

  • To earn a diamond, you need to focus on daily rewards because it is one of the effective and easy options. It not only helps to earn diamonds, but you can also earn keys at the same time. Due to this reason, you can consider it without any issue.
  • Keys are required to open chapters, and the other option of earning keys is inviting friends to play this game. When they join this game, you will earn free diamonds and keys by this method. It is an effective and reliable option to go after.
  • When you complete a chapter, you can earn a free diamond with ease. This is one of the effective options to go after because when you are playing different modes of the game, all you need are keys to keep on playing chapter. Once the chapter is finished, you will get a free diamond, that’s why it is a reliable option.
  • You can connect the gaming account to Facebook, and it will provide you free virtual currencies that why you can go after the same. Diamond is one of the premium currencies, and it is easy to earn via invites so you can consider it.

These are some of the easy methods to earn diamonds and keys for free. The alternative options like third-party websites aren’t safe, so you should not consider them and stay selective to avoid getting into any kind of issue.

The Final Verdict

Over the past couple of months, there are few negative reviews about the game due to the lack of diamond and keys. If you don’t want to end up getting into any issue, then you must spend your currencies wisely. It is a safe and highly reliable option over the other methods. So, you can progress with ease after following the same. It will make you an advanced gamer.


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