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Choices Hack - Keys and Diamonds Cheats 2021

Choices: Stories You Play is a fun packed package of choice based role-playing games, which is developed by PixelBerry Studios. The game provides players with lots of different stories to choose, and in each story you will play as a central gaming character. The outcome of the story entirely depends on the choices that you make in the story, sometimes it can get difficult but we have a fully working Choices Hack as well.

The game features stunning graphics and entertaining stories, which can keep you hooked to your devices for a long time. The best feature of the game is that you can keep playing your favorite stories until the outcome of these stories satisfies you, which means that as per your choice you can change your past in the game.

There are a lot of vital aspects that you should know before you start playing Choices: Stories You Play game, and below mentioned are some of them:


There are two types of stories that are featured in the game; one is free to play while other requires currency. Diamonds are one of the in-game currencies, which can be used to purchase a premium story from the game. You can acquire Diamonds by successfully completing different chapters of stories or by using Choices Hack 2021. If you want to instantly get Diamonds then you can also buy them from the game store by using real currency. Another alternative is to make use of Choices cheats Stories You Play Hack for generating currencies instantly.



Each story is free to play and it consists of several books. In most of the cases, the first few books of each series are free to read, so that you get entirely hooked on them. If you wish to read more, then you need to unlock them by using Keys. Keys are another in-game currency, which can be used to unlock locked books of your favorite series. Similar to Diamonds, Keys can also be bought from the game store by spending real money. 

Earning In-Game Currencies:

There are few ways through which you can earn Diamonds and Keys in the game. However, you need to be extremely patient in order to earn Diamonds and Keys by using these methods. The easiest way to earn them is by reading new stories. Each story that you complete, awards you with some amount of Diamonds and Keys. Do not spend them; just hoard them till you have enough to unlock your favorite books, unless you use Choices Hack.

An alternative way to earn Diamonds and Keys is by leveling up, which can be done by completing the achievements listed in the game. Each achievement also states the amount of experience points attached to it. So, make sure you complete the achievements in order to earn more or just use Choices Cheats 2021 and don't think about this. You can also classify the achievements on basis of easily accessible and difficult to access, so that you can formulate a plan to get them.

Buying In-Game Currencies:


Though it is not advisable to spend real money for purchasing virtual game currencies, but if you wish to do so then follow these tips. The game shop is a place where you can buy Diamonds and Keys with real money. There are different packs available for both currencies and you can buy any of them. However, make sure that you purchase the bigger packs as you will get a better deal on them. Also, keep an eye on the game shop for bundle packs, because on special occasions, bundle packs are offered to gamers at a throw away price.

Click-Based Controls:

The game doesn't have complex character control structure where you have to remember different gestures for each move of the character. You can control the story and its outcome by just clicking on one of the options mentioned in the stories. Some options are reflex based and needs to be completed within a certain time span, while others can be done as per your convenience.

Multi-Platform Support:

The game can be played on pocket platforms and the best part is that you can play it on both Android and iOS pocket platform. All you need is an Android or an iOS device and you are good to go!

Free To Play:

It is a freemium game, so you can download and play the game for free of cost. Though there are a lot of game items that can be bought only with real money, but you can still survive and enjoy the game without even spending a dime as you can always use our Choices Stories You Play Hack.

Socially Connecting:2

What is better than being connected with your friends and playing your favorite story at the same time? The game allows you to stay connected with your friends forever; all you need to do is connect your social networking account like Facebook with the game. Through Facebook, you can share the stories you have played with your friends and you can also view the stories played by them.

Achievements Tab:

Self-appraisal is the best appraisal! So, the game provides you with an achievements window where you can keep track of the achievements that you have completed. You can also keep track on new milestones, which will be unlocked on completion of the present ones. This helps in creating a plan of action easily for completion of the milestone. The achievement window also displays the rewards that you will receive on completion of each task mentioned in the game.

Variety Of Stories:

The game offers a variety of stories to suit your personality. As per your choice, you can select any of them and start playing the game. Each story is brilliantly written in such a way that you will feel deeply attached to it. You can take part in High School Drama, Fantasy Stories, Romance Tales, Adventure Stories, Crime Saga, Horror Stories, etc. New Episodes of the best and trending stories are constantly added by game developers, so ensure that you don't miss playing them.

Full Control Of Your Story:

Choices: Stories You Play game gives you an opportunity to be in full control of your story, as the story is influenced by the choices you make. So, there are no external elements that contribute towards shaping the story. It just revolves around you and the decisions made at your end. So, make sure that whatever choices you make are made meticulously because there will be no turning back once they are done. Also try to use Choices Hack as it will give you more opportunities to try more stories.

Popular Stories Of Choices: Stories You Play Game:

Though the game features lots of different stories, but few of them are extremely popular. Freshman story puts you into Hartfeld College where you have to deal with plenty of choices, which involves dating pretty girls or getting selected for the college play. The story 'The Crown And The Flame' puts you into the shoes of young princess Kenna who has to free her kingdom from the wrath of Evil King Luther Nevrakis and avenge death of her parents with the help of her friend Dominic. The ‘Most Wanted’ features the story of a detective, while the story 'Hero' allows you to be a super hero in order to save millions from a catastrophe.

Inside Choices:

Once you start playing the game, you will certainly ask for more! This is the reason; game developers have provided a feature named, ‘Inside Choices’, which will keep you well-updated about the release dates of new stories or new chapters of existing stories. In this way, you can constantly keep check on the stories that you love or would like to play. Inside Choices is a blog, which not only contains details of upcoming stories or chapters but they also contain details of old stories and chapters. So, you can read them in order to relive the past stories.

All the aforesaid features have contributed towards the success of the game. The game provides you with features that you can't even dream for! However, there are occasions when the gaming experience will turn from enjoyable to tedious. This is because earning in-game currencies is a tiring job and gamers prefer concentrating more on their story rather than generating currencies.


To conclude, Choices: Stories You Play is an entertaining game for people from all walks of life. You will defiantly come across a story that will relate to you! So, find a story that suits your personality and have a great time while playing it in Choices: Stories You Play game and feel free to use our Choices Hack!